What makes us unique

What is the Community’s Relationship to the Roman Catholic Church?

A recognized part of the Archdiocese of Newark, we were established as a “Public Association of the Christian Faithful” by Archbishop Peter L. Gerety in 1984.  We are not a parish, and we are not a religious order, but fall somewhere in between those expressions of lived faith. We are governed by a lay pastoral team, elected by our members every two years.


What does it mean to be a covenanted community?

Our Covenant is central to who we are.  Covenanted members sign a covenant expressing our commitments to daily prayer, to presence at community gatherings, to service, to tithing, and to pastoral structures. Besides covenanted members, the CGL also has Associate Members. Association is a less formal form of membership which allows a person to experience the life of the Community on a regular basis.


What does it mean to be charismatic?

The members of our Community believe in the ongoing outpouring of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We share the belief that the Holy Spirit is pouring out His gifts on His people in today’s world, just as He did 2,000 years ago on Pentecost. Prayers for healing and prayer meetings follow our weekly liturgies to keep the gifts of the Spirit alive in our midst.

Our Life Together

What is life like within the Community?

Our joyful celebration of the Eucharist has always been a key element in our life together.  Mass, followed by a time of fellowship, is available most mornings at Visitation House. After our weekly Saturday evening liturgy, we have a prayer meeting to praise God and to listen to His word, and to share the ways in which God reveals Himself in our daily lives.  Small groups called subgroups meet monthly to share faith journeys and foster deep relationships among members.


Women’s and men’s fellowship groups are another avenue of support.  These groups complement the dynamics that occur when the whole community comes together. Most importantly, there is the intangible bond of close relationships shared by our members, enabling us to give support and accept support from each other as our journeys evolve.

Where does the Community gather?

Visitation House is our Community’s home and the center of our communal lives.  It is where we gather for daily and weekly liturgies, as well as times of fellowship.



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